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iTeleCenter is the virtual phone system service provided by COA Network, a telephony company active since 1992. Among its customers are Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and individuals based all around the country and internationally. iTeleCenter’s services are conveniently available through landlines, softphones and user-friendly smartphone apps. Separating business numbers from private phone numbers is easy, making this an interesting option for SMBs and professionals. The service lets you use your existing number, or pick a toll-free, 800 vanity number or local number of your choice.

Main Features of iTeleCenter

Regardless of the specific plan that a user decides on, all iTeleCenter packages feature local and toll-free numbers, call forwarding, automated answering service, Virtual Fax, caller ID, multiple extensions and more. Basically, iTeleCenter delivers everything you’d expect from a virtual PBX and then some. They even provide iPhone and Android apps for call routing and productivity on the go. Additionally, iTeleCenter sports perks like Outlook integration and call blocking.

Who is This Virtual Phone System For?

1800 services for your companyIn terms of its target audience, iTeleCenter is aimed at the full spectrum of virtual PBX users. From solo entrepreneur home offices to corporate branches, this company has something for everyone. While their service is scalable up to a high level, iTeleCenter is ideal for SMBs who can’t afford their own dedicated, in-house PBX. Their pricing model is configured to provide a solid portfolio of features at a low cost to customers of all stripes regardless of their needs.

iTeleCenter Pricing Model

The iTeleCenter platform is offered in three general service packages. Each plan includes all of the provider’s available features and requires a $15.00 setup fee.

  • The Basic plan starts at $19.95 per month and comes with one phone number, three extensions and 500 minutes.
  • The Pro package is $39.95 and delivers two numbers, 25 extensions and 2500 minutes of talk time.
  • The Premier package runs $99.95 per month and includes four numbers, unlimited extensions and 5000 minutes per month.

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Customer Service

In terms of customer support and service, iTeleCenter isn’t as full-featured as some of its competitors in the field of hosted PBX. While they do feature toll-free support from 9 AM to 9 PM, Monday through Friday, they don’t provide 24/7 live support or a ticket system to address issues on the weekends. Alternatively, they do have a number of helpful tutorials and user forums on their website that allow users to troubleshoot their own problems.

The Verdict

iTeleCenter.comIf you need a simple virtual PBX provider that features a clean, clear-cut back office and affordable pricing, you could do far worse than iTeleCenter. Their service consistently gets terrific reviews from customers, provides rock-solid reliability and features attractive pricing for businesses of all sizes. If you’re already familiar with PBX systems and don’t need a lot of handholding to set up and configure services, iTeleCenter is a solid option for customers both large and small.

Office Application SoftwareiTeleCenteriTeleCenter is the virtual phone system service provided by COA Network, a telephony company active since 1992. Among its customers are Fortune 500 co…

One Customer Review of “iTeleCenter”

Review by Sad Panda on July 1, 2013

Customer Support

Signed up for this service 2 weeks ago… “Website error” occurred during signup. It kept telling me to pick a number when I had… So I called. Got no help. All I got was try again in 48 hours… so I did, and same thing again. Called again.. got a message that they are currently affected by hurricane Katrina… (this is in JUNE 2013). Finally got signed up 5 days later. Got a phone call from them… “how’s the service” they said, “need any help setting up?” YEAH I said… its been a week and my new number still says not in service. “ohh well just wait another week” they said. And it says I’m only allowed 1 ACD extension when your ad says 25 extensions.. “Well your only allowed 1 ACD extension but 25 PBX extensions” they said ME: “but your ad doesn’t specify that its misleading” Them: “sorry that’s the way it is”.(customer support isn’t even done by itelecenter. It’s all outsourced by people who have to ask What company your calling about.)

So its now 2 weeks we’re in May now and Still no service…. Im allowed to set everything up.. extentions recordings etc… but still no phone service. Gonna switch to VirtualPBX ASAP as soon as these clowns finish porting my number.

BTW they don’t have automated attendant recordings you need to record your own or BUY voice overs for an additional fee. They advertise call blasting.. which is ringing multiple numbers at once to locate you, but that’s not possible in the settings. your only allowed 5 numbers one at a time.

Beyond Disappointed as I needed this number set up as soon as I signed up. Now my business number says “out of service” which is horrid for my customers to hear. and I cant port it to a new company till these clowns finish their porting. Ohh and my 14 day free trial… Already used up before I even got to try the service. Stay away from these people and go with a more reputable co.

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