Virtual Phone System Comparison: RingCentral vs Grasshopper

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Virtual phone systems today have come to the rescue of small businesses and startups, allowing them to build their business communication systems in a cost-effective manner. RingCentral and Grasshopper are two such VoIP services widely adopted by a growing number of users, but the choice, however, is tricky as it depends on individual needs and budgets.

What’s in Store at RingCentral

RingCentral calls on mobile and desktopComprising three key offerings, RingCentral Office, RingCentral Mobile, and RingCentral Fax that cater respectively to phone, mobile and fax communications, RingCentral has several unique features to its credit.

Outbound faxes, support for a wide range of mobile devices, seamless integration with MS Outlook, Salesforce, Google Drive and Dropbox, and a host of pricing options make RingCentral suitable for both entrepreneurs and growing businesses alike. The facility to transfer unlimited existing numbers, answering rules and call control features allow better control over communications.

The Grasshopper Advantage

Going by the latest user reviews, Grasshopper, though not as feature intensive as RingCentral, manages to cover all basic business communication needs for a lower fee structure. Being both affordable and user-friendly, this service has caught the attention of SMB users, despite the fact that it does not support outgoing faxes. Grasshopper supports unlimited inbound calls and extensions, and multiple (2 or 3) numbers as part of its pricier plans.

Voicemail transcription with Grasshopper

A recent feature addition to the Grasshopper allows you to read transcribed voice messages, in case you are not able to listen to them. You can also receive voice messages as MP3s and faxes and as PDF attachments right in your mailbox. These value-add features come at an additional price, though.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Overall Rating
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Free TrialFree TrialFree Trial
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Main Features
Fax Support
Conference Calling
International Calls
Mobile App
Toll-Free Number
Voicemail to Email
Caller ID/Screening
Call Forwarding
Call Transfer
Call Blocking
Call Return 
Answering Rules 
No Setup Fee
Cancellation Fee 
Local, 800 Transfer FeeNo
Pay As You Grow: $30
Vanity 800 Number Fee$30No
Pay As You Grow: $30
True 800 Number FeeFree on all plans
except Mobile Pro ($15 fee)
Pay As You Grow: $30
International Virtual Number 
Flat-Rate Plans
Monthly Price
  • 1-3 users: $39.99/mo/user
  • 4-19 users: $29.99/mo/user
  • 20-99 users; $21.99/mo/user
  • 100+ users: $19.99/mo/user
  • Ramp: $24/mo
  • Grow: $49/mo
  • Max: $199/mo
Included LinesChoice between:
  • 1 toll-free or local number
  • 1 toll-free and local fax number
  • 1 local number per user
Included Minutes
  • Local/long distance: Unlimited
  • Toll-free: 1,000
  • Unlimited Minutes Toll-free: $5/mo
  • Ramp: 500 min/mo
  • Grow: 2,000 min/mo
  • Max: 10,000 min/mo
Overage MinutesToll-free: 3.9¢/min 
Cost Additional Lines$24.99/mo 
Activation VoIP Phone
  • 1-3 devices: $18.95
  • 4-7 devices: $24.97
  • 8-10 devices: $29.95
Usage-Based Plans (UB)
Monthly Price (UB)
  • Mobile Pro: $9.89
  • ProPlus: $19.99
  • ProBusiness: $29.99
  • ProUnlimited: $39.99
Pay As You Grow: $12/mo
Annual Price (UB)
  • Pro: $8.29
  • ProPlus: $16.29
  • ProBusiness: $23.29
  • ProUnlimited: $31.29
Pay As You Grow: $144/mo
Included Lines (UB)11
Included Minutes (UB)
  • Pro: 300
  • ProPlus: 1,000
  • ProBusiness: Unlimited
  • Toll-free: 1,000 min
  • ProUnlimited: Unlimited
  • Toll-free: Unlimited
None, 4¢/min
Overage Minutes (UB)
  • Pro: 4.9¢/min
  • ProPlus: 4.4¢/min
  • ProBusiness: 4.2¢/min
  • ProUnlimited: n/a
Cost Additional Lines (UB)$4.99/mo 
Extensions (UB)
  • Pro: 10
  • ProPlus: Unlimited
  • ProBusiness: Unlimited
  • ProUnlimited: $2.99/mo
Customer Service
Support Ticket
Live Chat
Money-Back30 days30 days
HeadquartersSan Mateo, CANeedham, MA
BBB RatingA+A+
Customer Ratings
Customer Support
Free Trial OfferFree TrialFree Trial
Coupon CodesCouponsCoupons
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Which VoIP Should You Choose?

Going by the features available, RingCentral is definitely feature-rich, and comes with a 30-day free trial as against the Grasshopper plan that offers a 30-day money back offer. Pricing plans in both cases are quite competitive, with Grasshopper’s plan throwing in additional numbers and other features in the higher plans. Both services offer toll free numbers, call forwarding, screening, recording and regular features as part of their plans.

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