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Founded in 2006, Jive Communications Inc. (888-925-2547) offers efficient hosted communication solutions at the enterprise level. This service provider has taken to the cloud with its Jive Core cloud-based platform that runs all the services it offers. Being a cloud-based provider allows Jive to offer powerful, economical and effective solutions to its customers. Despite offering enterprise level VoIP services, the company perfectly caters to the public sector as well as small businesses that want to use the power of the cloud to bring their phone system to the next level.

Main Features of Jive Communications

The VoIP phone system Jive offers is fully-managed, meaning that you as the customer don’t have to worry about adjusting any of the settings to run this advanced and cost effective service. Those wishing to customize their phone experience can easily do so through the easy to use backpanel. All of the basic VoIP features that any organization needs such as call logs, virtual extensions, ring groups, intercoms, customizable schedules and more are present in the software.

Any Jive plan lets you make unlimited local and long distance calls within the US, with inbound toll-free phone calls priced at just 1.9¢ per minute. Businesses that often make international calls can count on affordable rates based on a per-country basis.

Video: Demo of Jive Communications

Jive’s hosted VoIP services come with a plethora of advanced features for all of its customers, whether you’re an enterprise, small business or public organization:

Scalable: The whole PBX service infrastructure is scalable, meaning that it can be scaled up or down to suit the requirements of the organization.

Caller ID and Voice Mails: Identifying the callers is now a breeze, thanks to caller ID facilities.

Call Routing: Using existing data networks, incoming or outgoing calls can be routed to the proper destination, without the need for setting up a dedicated infrastructure.

Online PBX Controls: With the right credentials, a security or maintenance personnel can easily control the entire PBX service from anywhere over the Internet.

Desktop Integration: With the VoIP service becoming powerful enough to be a mainstream solution for many companies and their problems; it can now be integrated with the PC, allowing for a newer level of flexibility in the process of communication and business

Call Queuing and Speed Dial: Having to resolve multiple simultaneous calls is no more a pain, with the call queuing systems in place. Similarly, reaching a regular contact is also easy with the speed-dial facility, just like the regular telephone.

Online Fax: Since the VoIP service runs over the internet, FAX services can also be offered with VoIP, and Jive does that quite well.

Reports and Logs: Monitoring the PBX solution is now easy, thanks to the activity logging and report generation features that Jive offers with its solutions.

Call Forwarding/Recording/Transferring: Two of the most essential features in every telephone today; call forwarding and transferring allow active conversation to be transferred to another personnel or department at just the mere click of a button.

Ease of Use

Jive VoIP desktop phones With so many features available, the VoIP services Jive Communications provides are numerous. The service provides a feeling of having used a regular telephonic line, which makes the whole experience a pleasant and memorable one. With several splendid features on offer, the services are quite easy to use. For those who find it difficult or complicating to understand, Jive offers a number of video guides on their site that help clear the basics.


While the actual plans are not exactly available on the site, Jive Communications offers VoIP services at a lower pricing point than legacy communication systems. This usually translates to a lower cost of ownership for the organization in the long run. Call Jive on 888-925-2547 to request more information and a free custom quote for your new VoIP system. It’s recommended to know the amount of phones/users, phone numbers when requesting your quote, as well as the name of your current phone provider.

Customer Service

Jive.comApart from the mail support and on-phone support on 888-925-2547, there are also live chat options on the website for both customers and potential clients alike. Dedicated resource personnel are on-board to attend calls and offer effective solutions to the clients. There is also an online portal that helps solve issues that the customers may be facing; the service can be accessed by just filling up a basic form online.

Office Application SoftwareJive CommunicationsFounded in 2006, Jive Communications Inc. (888-925-2547) offers efficient hosted communication solutions at the enterprise level. This service provide…

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